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[For 1.8] My Arcade
After update to 1.8.11 the rating is broken, no stars shown in their places

someone any idea, why?

this is the original code
<td class="trow2" align="center">
		<script type="text/javascript">
			lang.ratings_update_error = "{$lang->ratings_update_error}";
		// -->
		<script type="text/javascript" src="{$mybb->asset_url}/jscripts/game_rating.js?ver=1000"></script>
		<strong>{$lang->game_rating}</strong><br />
		<div class="inline_rating">
			<ul class="star_rating{$not_rated}" id="rating_game_{$game['gid']}">
				<li style="width: {$game['rating_width']}%" class="current_rating" id="current_rating_{$game['gid']}">{$ratingvotesav}</li>
				<li><a class="one_star" title="{$lang->one_star}" href="./arcade.php?action=rate&amp;gid={$game['gid']}&amp;rating=1&amp;my_post_key={$mybb->post_code}">1</a></li>
				<li><a class="two_stars" title="{$lang->two_stars}" href="./arcade.php?action=rate&amp;gid={$game['gid']}&amp;rating=2&amp;my_post_key={$mybb->post_code}">2</a></li>
				<li><a class="three_stars" title="{$lang->three_stars}" href="./arcade.php?action=rate&amp;gid={$game['gid']}&amp;rating=3&amp;my_post_key={$mybb->post_code}">3</a></li>
				<li><a class="four_stars" title="{$lang->four_stars}" href="./arcade.php?action=rate&amp;gid={$game['gid']}&amp;rating=4&amp;my_post_key={$mybb->post_code}">4</a></li>
				<li><a class="five_stars" title="{$lang->five_stars}" href="./arcade.php?action=rate&amp;gid={$game['gid']}&amp;rating=5&amp;my_post_key={$mybb->post_code}">5</a></li>

second problem: categories shown in one row, see attachment no.2

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That's a known issue, you need to deactivate and reactivate the plugin.
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thank you, problem solved
Can youadd username style for arcade?
I have a problem with your arcade plugin.

The permissions doesn't work corectly because the plugin received only information about Primary Group.
If i put a member in group Registred Members Primary Group and V.I.P Additional with Display Group V.I.P and the VIP Group have access to all category from arcade, doesn't work....

If i put the member in VIP primary group, the arcade working...

Please can you solve this problem with Additional Group? Because i use Group Memberships ( with leadears and etc) and the core feature working with Additional Group not with Primary and the arcade doesn't work with additional...
The permission issue is something I've known about for a long time and It'll be fixed in the next version.
My GitHub | Galaxies Realm

Please do not PM me for support; use the forum instead
Plugin has been updated to 1.3.

- Added ability to export and import games
- Various Javascript updates
- Improved TAR upload code
- Replaced TAR library
- Renamed plugin arcade directory to myarcade
- Removed PHP closing tags
- Updated Doc Blocks
- Use THIS_SCRIPT for template caching
- Ability to edit and delete scores from Admin CP
- Moved last bits of hardcoded HTML to templates
- Optimized queries
- Various variable cleanup
- Typecast conversion for float values
- Added build_gamebit function
- Remove game PHP files after add
- Handle display of deleted users/games in logs
- Format usernames
- Bug: Fixed additional group permissions problem
- Tournament paging
- Added games when installing
- Added maxplayday check for guests
- Added nl2br for about/controls fields
- Sanitized per page settings
- Caching templates in all postbit areas
- Dropped useless globals

To update, you must first deactivate the plugin (do not uninstall), upload all new files and reactivate.

You can delete the arcade/php, inc/plugins/arcade and the inc/3rdparty/tar directories on your board as they aren't needed anymore. Also please note the new TAR upload code depends on having the PHP PHAR extension installed (most systems should have this by default). It'll also work on localhost now.

Arcade now will come with 5 games installed by default (Asteroids, Pacman, Space Invaders, Snake and Tetris).
My GitHub | Galaxies Realm

Please do not PM me for support; use the forum instead
hello, i searching a german language pack for this mod....
thank you very much...

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