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[F] Moderators issues
Ok, he shows up now.....
I'm not sure I like that.What this means is, if a mod or super mod is not assigned, he is not listed.It should be set as default that they show up as a mod.Admins do ........
I know I know. I agree, and I'm going to ask you to try this file and see if it changes that functionality:
I removed redial so it would be like I was having the issue still and then uploaded this latest file....have at it!

hmmmmm didn't seem to do anything.Same issue
Very odd that other groups can be shown when selected to even though they are not set to moderate a forum.I have Band Members show in the list and they don't moderate at all.I set registered to show and they for sure don't moderate...why would Mods be any different?
Try this; more debugging:
Can you PM me FTP details and I'll be able to do this a lot faster.
Sorry, was eating...will do.Check PM
Can you remove the forums radial moderates?
I cant remove any forums, sorry and right now redial doesn't moderate any forums.

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