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[F] Moderators issues
Moderators not showing in forum team even though it is specified in ACP setting.
Moderators have no MODCP to go into.Is this an error or do I need to set the option Can Access Admin CP to YES ?
I thought they had their own type of CP to go into....?

All who I have set as Moderator are shown to say so and have the Moderator set color.

Thanks in advance for the help Smile
There is no Moderator CP.

You need to set their usergroup to 'Moderator' for them to show up on the forum team page.
They are as I said in the post.They just dont show up.
Show on 'Forum Team' Page? is set to YES and they do not show up
Make sure their usergroup has 'Show Forum Team' set to yes.
Ummm, I just posted that it is set to yes unless there is another option that is the same someplace else in the ACP
What is their display group as?
In Usergroup Management -> Moderators
Title - Moderators
User Title - Moderators

If I select a user to edit that is a Moderator he has the following:
Primary User Group - Moderators
Secondary User Groups - N/A
Display user groups - Moderators
Change their display usergroup to default.
There is no default ..........You have to select a group or --Primary User Group-- which selecting that last option makes no difference and does nothing.I tried it.
Primary User group is what I meant. Please upload this attached file and provide me with a link to your forum.

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