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[For 1.8] My Insert Command : Insert new command [insert button] easily in the editor
(2017-01-27, 10:57 PM)Wiggz Wrote: I have a slight issue. So on my forum I use this tag [hide] [/hide] to charge newpoints to hide a post until the person pays newpoints to reveal the post.

the default amount with those tags is 1 newpoint.

However you can type [hide cost=50] [/hide] to charge 50 newpoints or whatever amount.

This is the rule I have currently with this plug in: Hide tag,hide,yes

When I click the button and it brings up the custom field my users are having to type cost=AMOUNT

Is there a way I can eliminate them having to type cost= and only enter the amount?

sorry, unfortunately this is not possible.
If you want to change the label from description like say you have custom background colours and other codes where the description label doesn't make sense and say for example 'variable' or something else does.

Open up /jscripts/sceditor/myinsertcommandinsertcommand.js and change line 17.

'<label for="des">' + editor._('Description (optional):') + '</label> ' +

To, for example to what I have done.

'<label for="des">' + editor._('Variable: (Use correct code)') + '</label> ' +

Here is how it looks.

[Image: eEV17iv.jpg]
I tried to install this plugin but after uploading the files to the root of my forum, i am getting the following error in the ACP.


After deleting the myinsertcommand.php file, everything turns back normal.

Any idea?
^ replied at your related thread
Old thread, but I just installed the plugin. When I put anything in the settings for myinsert, and go to test it in my forum, the entire editor disappears after refreshing...

any ideas?

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