[Question] new page vs misc ?
Hello there,

I'm in doubt with a plugin I'm creating.
It will add pages (3 or 4 different views or forms) to MyBB, and I don't really know what is the better, nor what are the precepts.

(note: when I say "misc.php", I mean the misc_start hook)

My ideas:
- use the misc.php page to add the forms (kind of workflow) and have a separate page for the result,
- use only one separate page (will be heavy with a lot of treatments),
- use only the misc.php

So, what is the best practice ? I think the first option might be more convenient, but peharps there are restrictions I don't know.
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It really depends on your preferences. I would probably hook at global_end instead of misc_start unless I need what is loaded before misc_hook.

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