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Freelancer Admin
Hello, I am Fyx, a 13 year old freelancer admin for online communities and gaming servers. I am currently looking for forums that need administrators. I am currently in need for some sort of "home" community and possibly some cash, since I'm saving up to get a gaming server for one of my former best friends and former partner.
I currently have had a lot of experience with administration, though I may be young. I have had the opportunity to ask Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) about administrating large communities (I'm sort of nerdy, so I went to one of Jimmy Wales' talks and asked him about how he manages to administrate Wikipedia in one of his FaQ sessions). I also have administrated several of my own communities, own a gaming server, and have been admin on over 18 other gaming servers (mainly Minecraft servers due to Minecraft's increasing popularity).

What I can do:
- Troubleshoot with MySQL errors, etc.
- Help with plugin and script installations
- Moderate

Communities I have moderated/still moderate:
- TatsuCraft forums
- AlexFreedom forums
- CaekGaming forums (my forum)
- CaekCraft forum (also one of my forums, CaekCraft inspired CaekGaming)

Anyway, thank you for reading. I will be looking forward to helping someone out with their community. I have no set fee for administrating, but if you're interested, shoot me a PM Smile

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