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1st question: I am trying to add some PHP inside my template. I found this ( and looked for it in the plugins install area but couldn't find it. Is there an updated version under a different name, or do I even need a plugin anymore?

2nd question: Once I get PHP working inside templates I would like to include text into the "message" input area, depending on the actual Title of the forum. i.e. If the forum title is "Soccer" I would like to start the message with "Enter your favorite soccer player here:" and if the form title includes the word "Tennis" I would like to have the message automatically start with the text "Tennis"....etc.

So, can I access to the forum title from within the template where i will be putting this if/then/else statement.

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php in templates plugin is available at the referred external site link

however decide if you really need to add php in the templates or you can work with template conditionals

both the plugins have required guidance at their relevant threads on that external site
through which you can achieve your requirement

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