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Not Solved [General] Live search
Not Solved
is it possible to include live search.

i see in one movie forum that when i enter one world it display threads related to it in pop up.

is it possible for mybb???

thank you.
Not Solved
Bumping....anyone have this???
Not Solved
What you mean by "live search"?
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Not Solved
I think he's talking about an AJAX-based search where it shows possible threads that match your keywords. If you've been to any one of the sub-wikia sites, the search bar checks for pre-existing pages that have your keywords in the page title and shows them in a clickable menu (which takes you to the page if you click on one of them), otherwise you press Enter/Return and it searches the site for the keywords, even if the page only references it in the article and not the title.

So, let's use the Fallout Wikia site:
Use (copy & paste) or type: Nuka-Cola
Do not press enter. See the menu show up for 6 pages?
It should show:
  • Nuka-Cola Plant
  • Nuka-Cola
  • Nuka-Cola (Fallout)
  • Nuka-Cola (Fallout: New Vegas)
  • Nuka-Cola (Fallout 3)
  • The Nuka-Cola Challenge
I believe that's what he's talking about.

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