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[For 1.8] Moderation Actions Preview
It displays moderation actions sorted by date in posts/announcements/profiles/User CP (github-like). Plugin created for 1.8 (only this version is supported), may work on 1.6 after some changes. More info in the download link and on the github page.

Note 1: this plugin entirely depends on MyBB logs displayed in MyBB, so many of them may be missing (for example forumdisplay.php inline thread moderation actions). They won't be displayed as long as MyBB doesn't correct that. So reports about them will be ignored in places connected with the plugin, feel free to post them here though:
Note 2: avatar maximal dimensions settings won't work until this MyBB bug gets fixed: Reports for it also will be ignored. EDIT: fixed in 1.8.5:
Note 3: moderation actions are displayed for users in groups with Moderator CP -> Can view moderator logs? option ticked. You can enable it together with the Yes, users of this group can access the moderator CP option disabled if you don't want users to be able to access logs in Mod CP.

[Image: preview_58253_1427673462_ea40da51334b905...ed25ce.png]

[Image: preview_58253_1427673489_816df996bb32466...538e7c.png]

[Image: preview_58253_1427673498_f419a241f7ec72a...381667.png]

[Image: preview_58253_1427983832_ab453d05ebde40b...4def1c.png]

Live demo (link may be dead at some time):
Forum password - test

Plugin Library -

Bug reports/enhancement requests:

Lang packs:
Since the current way of adding lang packs is not really good, PM me and I'll add you as contributor.

Live demo have password to access
(2015-03-30, 08:06 PM)inferno211 Wrote: Live demo have password to access

Oh, it's test
- added logs connected with user to view in User CP (and a setting to display them regardless of group permission) - thanks to prings for suggestion
- fixed wrong variable for announcement avatar max size
- added some padding to the postbit row template by default
Reinstallation is required.
The idea behind Plugin Library is to add templates during activation. You should allow it to handle your settings too, during activation too.
I'm aware of PluginLibrary updating templates/settings, but I'm not using that for a specific reason, speaking of settings at least. May change it for templates in the future though, no idea why they're in installation here, copy paste probably.

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