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With the new MyBB 1.8 when you copy and paste from another site it copies everything such as color etc.
Is there a way of removing this a posting feature or is there a plugin needed?

Normally on paid forum softwares they give you an option when creating a new post/thread to turn off the copy & paste which stops you from copying the size, color text etc.

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@ Ashley S i think, it is a good option if you make threads in your forum and it minimizes the extra effort for making a new thread or post Smile

There is a simple solution if you want to copy only text than you should copy it from the source website as usual and paste it on "Notepad" or "Text Document" and it is easy and simple!
Another Option which is also available on ''Editor Toolbar'' there is a Button if you move your Cursor on the Button which is named as "View Source" if you Click on this; it will also Help You to Turn it on or Off your desired Option! Hopefully, it will help you! and you don't need any plugin for it Smile


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Change editor settings so it shows in Source Mode in your user cp settings. I think MyBB has source mode on by default on registration. I could be wrong.

User CP -> Edit Options -> Other Options -> Put editor in source mode

Change everyone to source mode with sql:
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