Not Solved Login Problems post Merge? READ THIS!
Not Solved
This thread should help you with common issues with the Login Convert Plugin. Make sure you check those issues before you create a new support thread.
  • First you should make sure the loginconvert plugin is up to date. The newest version can be downloaded on the mods site.
  • Resetting passwords doesn't work: see above, that has been fixed in version 1.4.1
  • I can't login to the ACP using a merged account: unfortunately the loginconvert can't handle ACP logins. You need to login on the frontend first to update the password and afterwards you can login to the ACP.

Another common issue with the password convert plugin is related to encoding errors. If you see weird characters in some places (usernames, threads, posts) in your forum this is also likely the cause for some of the login errors. You can try fixing the issue by following some of the steps in this documentation page. (To Be Added)
Support PMs will be ignored!

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