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[For 1.8] Thank You/Like System v3.4.2 + MyAlerts and Tapatalk support

all the users are impacted

as soon as I click on the recounting option, it put back the statistics of the users to 0
however, the mysql tables should be good as it is able to slowly rebuilt the users stats

if I refresh a user during the recounting, I can see the total of likes for the user and the general one going up

I just checked the database, the tyl_unumtyls table show the same number than what is shown on the users stats

I cannot confirm at this moment that the number on the table changes when I restart the counting, I cannot go on for 24h of pending right now

the mybb_g33k_thankyoulike_thankyoulike row from the posts table seems to be correct and the source of the recounting

so if I understand, the recounting system parse the posts table for all posts and check the g33k_thankyoulike_thankyoulike row then add 1 to the uid in the tyl_unumtyls table ??
That's a little bit more complex, but not far from the way it works.
I'm surprised your system works 24h without completing, it means you have a trouble with the result of a query:
$query2 = $db->query("
   SELECT tyl.*, p.tid, p.fid
   FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX.$prefix."thankyoulike tyl
   ORDER BY tyl.dateline ASC
   LIMIT $start, $per_page
It probably returns too much rows (not infinite, but near Smile), or have you change your php/mysql configuration ? Peharps the while($tyl = $db->fetch_array($query2)) has a trouble, I already seen this kind of side-effect when looping on an object method
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