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[For 1.8] Thank You/Like System v3.4.2 + MyAlerts and Tapatalk support
I just installed it in my forum and when I click the button under a post, the mouse changes to the loading wheel and stays like that. The page itself doesn't refresh at all.
And when I like a post on Tapatalk it won't be saved.

Edit: Problem solved. I didn't upload the php files to root.
I don't know what I did wrong... everything was working great, then I installed MyAlerts 2.0.3 and integrated it, something was weird so I deactivated/uninstalled both Thank You/Like and MyAlerts and then reactivated/reinstalled both.

Now, the 'users who liked this post' isn't showing up! Any help much appreciated, super newbie here. Site is at

Edit: Fixed it somehow, yay!! Reverted some templates and reinstalled.
(2015-04-06, 06:43 PM)Eldenroot Wrote:
Release Name:
  • Thank You/Like System /original thread: HERE/
Release Version:
  • v2.1.0 - 5.7.2017
Release Description:
  • Thank You/Like System enables users to "Thank" or "Like" posts thus showing their appreciation for a post without necessarily having to bump the thread. This plugin is completely customizable where nearly every aspect of the plugin can be controlled from the settings page. Take a look at the screenshots or the live demo for more info on the available options and usability.
  • This plugin was created by -G33K- for MyBB v1.4/1.6. Unfortunately it had not been maintained for over 3 years until ATofighi released first modified version compatible with MyBB v1.8. After couple of months we (EldenrootSvePu and @Dark Neo) decided to continue develop this amazing plugin for MyBB and make it even better. We focus on fixing bugs and adding new features which were missing in the original "legacy" version.

MyBB Compatibility:
  • v1.8.*
  • Full Tapatalk support!
  • MyAlerts v2.0 support!
  • Support for MyBB group promotion system!
  • Full language support.
  • Turn plugin on/off with a single option.
  • Switch between "Thank You" or "Like" by changing one simple option.
  • Thank Yous/Likes are fully ajax compatible.
  • Customize Thank Yous/Likes for first post of thread only or for all posts.
  • Selectable option to allow/disallow users from removing their Thank Yous/Likes.
  • Exclude forums where you do not want to use the Thank Yous/Likes system.
  • Plugin tracks number of Thank Yous/Likes for users, posts and threads as well as a grand total.
  • Shows Thank Yous/Likes in postbit as well as the user's profile.
  • Counts both the Thanks/Likes given as well as the Thanks/Likes received and the number of posts received in.
  • Finds all threads or posts Thanked/Liked by any particular user as well as threads or posts where a user received thanks/Likes.
  • Thank Yous/Likes list can be made to collapse saving space for boards where threads/posts get alot of Thank Yous/Likes.
  • Sort the Thank Yous/Likes by username or by order of Date/Time Thanked/Liked.
  • Show/Hide Date/Time of Thank You/Like and also set the format of the Date/Time or show date/time on a mouse hover.
  • Works for all modes of views, classic, modern, linear, threaded.
  • Thank Yous/Likes can be recounted and rebuilt if they get out of sync for any reason.
  • Format list of users who have Thanked/Liked according to their display groups or just keep it plain.
  • IPv6 ready and fully supported.
  • Custom css file for easier customization.
  • Option to set like/thank you button only for specific forums.
  • Hide/show thanks/like button/list for specific user groups.
  • Allow/disallow adding like/thanks in closed threads.
  • Popup notification in the top right corner.
  • Recount and rebuild cache in ACP.
  • Customize time and date output settings for Thank You/Likes received under posts.
  • Ability to thank/like own posts with custom settings.
  • Cached templates and minified JS for better site speed.
  • Highlight popular posts with predefined amount of gained thanks/likes.
  • ...and much more!

  • Permissions for if a user can Thank/Like a post is dependant on whether they can post in that thread or not. Guests, however can never thank/like a post regardless of guest post option.
  • Obviously, the post opener will not be able to Thank/Like the post.
  • Deleting a thread/post will remove all its related Thank Yous/Likes and reduce the count for the users who have Thanked/Liked that thread/post.
  • Merging posts will merge the Thank Yous/Likes too removing duplicates and updating counts.
  • Deleting a user will remove all the user's Thank Yous/Likes from all the posts.
  • If you move a thread to a forum that has been set to exclude Thank Yous/likes it will not show any Thank Yous/likes and will not allow adding/removing any Thank Yous/Likes while in that forum. The Thank Yous/Likes will however be preserved so that they will be visible again if the thread is moved out of the excluded forum.
  • If for any reason your stats seem off you can recount the Thank Yous/Likes. Doing so will remove any orphaned Thank Yous/Likes and recount them for each user and post. Orphaned Thank Yous/Likes are those that might have been left behind on a post or user being deleted by not using the mod interface (like directly from the databse for example).
  • To customize the postbit block, you can use the following variables:
  1. $post['tyl_unumtyls']: Number of thanks given
  2. $post['tyl_unumrtyls']: This is fully formatted string (xx in yy posts)
  3. $post['tyl_unumrcvtyls']: Number of thanks received
  4. $post['tyl_unumptyls']: Number of posts in which the thanks were received

Templates Added:
Your THEME >thankyoulike
  • Template containing The block with the list of users who have Thanked/Liked a post for the default view.
[i]Your THEME >thankyoulike_classic[/i]
  • Template containing The block with the list of users who have Thanked/Liked a post for the classic view.
[i]Your THEME >thankyoulike_expcollapse[/i]
  • Template For the Expand/Collapse image which Expands/Collapses the block of Thank Yous/Likes
[i]Your THEME >thankyoulike_button_add[/i]
  • Template for the button to add Thank You/Like. If you do not want to use an image, change it to text here.
[i]Your THEME >thankyoulike_button_del[/i]
  • Template for the button to delete Thank You/Like. If you do not want to use an image, change it to text here.
[i]Your THEME >thankyoulike_users[/i]
  • Template for the list of users who have Thanked/Liked a post
[i]Your THEME >thankyoulike_postbit[/i]
  • Template for the block of Thanks Given/Thanks Received in the postbit
[i]Your THEME >thankyoulike_memprofile[/i]
  • Template for the section added to user's profile which shows the number of Thank Yous/Likes stats.
Templates Changed:
Show Thread Templates>showthread
  • Changes to include the jscript for the plugin.
Post Bit Templates>potbit
  • Changes to include the Add/Remove Thank You/Like button and the block for the Thank Yous/Likes for the default view.
Post Bit Templates>postbit_classic
  • Changes to include the Add/Remove Thank You/Like button and the block for the Thank Yous/Likes for the classic view.
Post Bit Templates>postbit_author_user
  • Changes to include the number of user's Thank Yous/Likes in the postbit stats of the user.
Member Templates>member_profile
  • Changes to include the section in user's profile to show Thank Yous/Likes stats.

Custom CSS added:
  • thankyoulike.css is added automatically - all changes and customization could be done here

  • Sources are available on GitHub - HERE

  • Download and Screenshots available on MyBB mod site - HERE


I don't want to sound ungrateful BUT, in the wilderness of this thread, I'm trying to find a Notepad ReadMe file that says put this file in this directory and the other file in the other directory, etc etc like giving me instructions of where to post all the files.  Like Matt did with his plugin of plugins.  Where is that Readme file?  I tried the and first of all we're used to dot.txt so when I got it to be dot.txt, I'm still looking for the instructions.  Huh
How to fix this?
style css codes need some adjustments.
provide your forum url & a test user account so that someone can check it
How can I display like count as number not name list of liked post count ?
Hello I have a problem with the update from version 1.9.11 to 2.1.0.
I have disabled the plugin and overwrite the old data with the new ones. If I activate the plugin again, I find no settings for the plugin under settings.

You have to first deactivate -> copy new updated files -> activate (if it doesnt work, just uninstall and install again, you wont lose any data from DB, just click to "NO").
[MyBB 1.8 Czech translation] [MyBB 1.8 plugins]: Prune old PMs + optimize DB plugin --- Thank you/like system
Hi, I needed to make thankyoulike clicks to also add reputation points, so I came up with the following code which I wanted to share in case someone else needs it:

    // Build array of reputation data.
    $reputation = array(
	"uid" => intval($post['uid']),
	"adduid" => $mybb->user['uid'],
	"pid" => intval($post['pid']),
	"reputation" => 1,
	"dateline" => TIME_NOW,
	"comments" => ''

    // Insert a new reputation
    $db->insert_query("reputation", $reputation);
    // Update user
    $db->write_query("UPDATE ".TABLE_PREFIX."users SET reputation=reputation+1 WHERE uid=".intval($post['uid']));

I add it in public_html/thankyoulike.php file just above this line:

// Update tyl count in posts and threads and users and total

Works perfectly (in tapatalk as well) but needs to be added after every update of the Thank you / Like plugin. If there is a better way to do it, I will be grateful to know.
@panayot - thank you for your idea and working code. Maybe in future release there will be a new option, who knows Smile
[MyBB 1.8 Czech translation] [MyBB 1.8 plugins]: Prune old PMs + optimize DB plugin --- Thank you/like system

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