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[For 1.8] Thank You/Like System v3.4.3 + MyAlerts and Tapatalk support
You can change the background and font colors in g33k_thankyoulike.css stylesheet of your theme

Thankyou very much for your reply it worked great !!

how can make this?
Oh that looks very good.
To realize this you'll need a lot of template changes. - It is easier to use another thanks plugin - like this one.
Could you show us how to do it with using this plugin SvePu? Plugin you linked is actually different, it's also above buttons, like this one. We can get something similar by simply changing language files*, tricky part (at least for me) moving that to near buttons and styling.
This plugin is awesome...i don't need another plugin....
owner should add count likes in postbit....
Thank you/like system is better for users whose wanna just fully working thanks/like feature. Our plugin is fully optimised and contains only the features which related to thank/like posts.

IT is possible with Thank you/like plugin, but you will need really a lot of template changes + some changes are "almost" impossible without changes in the plugin code (JS). It is waste of our free time to create something what is available for free.
[MyBB 1.8 Czech translation] [MyBB 1.8 plugins]: Prune old PMs + optimize DB plugin --- Thank you/like system
I don't change your the BEST
I would really appreciate if you -in your free time- can tell how can we have something similar to that with using this plugin. DarkNeo's plugin is not exactly similar, it's same thing as changing language file of this plugin to make only 'how many like/thankyou' visible. What we are seeking there is having it near to postbit buttons.

I think -at least in my forum- it's better if people simple don't see who liked whose messages in postbit and that only seeing how many people liked it is quite good solution to that. People can still get alerts or they can go ahead and search for who liked whose messages from their profile and that's okay. But especially in discussion threads like politics etc. seeing who liked whose message is kinda polarizing the community and after some point people can have things like " hey do you know X guy, everytime someone argues with me I see him liking that message" kind of stuff.

You sold out ;D

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