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[For 1.8] Thank You/Like System v3.4.3 + MyAlerts and Tapatalk support
(2022-03-25, 08:46 PM)Huvy Wrote: Hi!

Is it possible to remove the "likes received" and "likes given" categories?
If not, please add that as an option.

I would like to have likes for individual posts, but with absolutely no karma/reputation system.

You can simply edit the appropriate templates via the ACP to remove the display of likes received/given:

In the postbit_author_user template, remove this line:


In the member_profile template, remove this line:


You can turn off the "trophy post" section of the member profile via this plugin's AcP settings.

You can turn off MyBB's native reputation system via the relevant core ACP setting.
It doesn't work after giving 1 reputation. List of users who rated doesn't show anymore... uninstalled...

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