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please see search results youtube mybb xampp
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thanks created thats a fault by mistake created category not forum.
Thanks all now where can I start my learning like I have installed mybb whats the next step
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How can I install theme on my local server?
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^ theme installation on local MyBB forum is same as that of forum at web server.
copy theme images & theme related files into relevant folders & import theme xml file

see also theme installation guidance
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in which folder i have to copy paste the files of themes, i have installed xampp, mybb at I:\Install\Xampp\htdocs\mybb

should i copy theme file in mybb or anywhere else?
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Copy themes images folder to your mybb images folder and then from ACP Select Themes from Quick left Menu and then click on import theme thats all .
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Edit: delayed response

in general, theme images are provided in a sub-folder with the theme name.
that sub-folder needs to be copied to images folder of MyBB files server
eg. a theme named 1point8 should be having its images in 1point8 sub-folder
that sub-folder with its contents should be copied to ~/mybb/images/ folder
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I have changed my theme online easily but having errors on local server i pasted theme images in the myybb/documentation/images folder and then upload theme it says theme have been uploaded....but when i try that theme still old theme is showing up there....

please tell what can I do to resolve this issue
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:woohoo: anyhow i managed to change the theme but it showing menu problem as it is bootstrap enabled theme mybbpro menu item are showing down
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^ ensure that you have copied all files of the theme (includes sub-folders) to the theme sub-folder in images folder

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