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Hi all,

Currently I have a forum under MyBB and a website under Joomla.
The categories of joomla articles are categories of the MyB forum. Then the articles have their place in the forum.

What I would like to do is to convert the articles of Joomla keeping the categories and associated comments (Jcomment) and the user database into a MyBB forum. After that I will merge the two forums to only have one MyBB forum at the end.

I did not see Joomla mentionned for that on this page :

Has this been done in the past like for MyBB1.6 ? How could I do this for a conversion from Joomla 2.5 to MyBB 1.8 ?


Edit: Where can i find the information about the database like this for joomla: , for mybb I only found the table listing: ?
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For MyBB 1.6 there is this documentation :

Is it available for MyBB1.8 ? Or is it the same ?
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There is no official Joomla module for MyBB. There may be a third party one, but not that I am immediately aware of.

(2015-04-10, 02:49 AM)OldDuck Wrote: For MyBB 1.6 there is this documentation :

Is it available for MyBB1.8 ? Or is it the same ?

It is the same mostly, with a few additions. We'll hopefully be updating the docs soon. For your purposes though, it should work.
-Paul H.

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Thanks for the reply.

I will try with this for my first tests Big Grin
(but first lets read some documentation about sql query ^^)
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I managed to import content into categories/forum, threads and posts with respective users.

I'm trying to do the "Recount & Rebuild" part to have all the lastest post for everything and good counters for everything too. However using the utility from the administration panel is just soo long. Like 10 to 15minutes for "Rebuild Thread Counters" and I can't do more than 5 threads, even with this I finally obtain a white page. As I have more than  7 000 threads that will take quite a while without counting all the others rebuild stuff.

How can I do this part using sql queries, should be faster ?
I think using these informations could be useful :
However, based on the size of the following "function acp_recount_user_posts()" just after the one for the thread I think it's not so easy ^^"
(It is still on MyBB 1.6 but I think it is also the same think for MyBB 1.8 as the tables did not change.)

Or if I merge this forum with a fresh install of MyBB, did the rebuild and recount is a part of the merging ?

Under Xampp i couldn't do the merging, an error with the php script stopped the server.

I've imported everything online and no problem for the merging with a fresh install and the rebuild and recount after.

Problem solved doing this :

So increase of the Apache's stack size on Windows might looks like this:

<IfModule mpm_winnt_module>
   ThreadStackSize 8388608

These lines should be put in the Apache's configuration file. For simplicity, you could put it to httpd.conf. Or better (but not necessary), put it to httpd-mpm.conf file and in httpd.conf uncomment this line:

Include conf/extra/httpd-mpm.conf

Solution from :

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