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(2017-10-21, 04:51 PM)pseex Wrote: Pls, help me! I install last version MyBB and install last version plugin, after it i have this (in postgresql in table "mybb_themes" there is row with tid = 3 and name = "Mobile MyBB 1.8"). I think in sql query need correct as < SELECT tid FROM mybb_themes WHERE name='"Mobile MyBB 1.8"' LIMIT 1> maybe. My error in my site

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
0 - ERROR: column "Mobile MyBB 1.8" does not exist LINE 1: SELECT tid FROM mybb_themes WHERE name="Mobile MyBB 1.8" LIM... ^
SELECT tid FROM mybb_themes WHERE name="Mobile MyBB 1.8" LIMIT 1

Hi pseex,

I am sorry for the inconvenience.  I only test based on MySQL, did not test on Postgresql before.

In Postgresql mybb_themes table, the name value of my row should be Mobile MyBB 1.8, NOT "Mobile MyBB 1.8" (without the double quotes).  (Just like the name value of the first row should be MyBB Master Style, not "MyBB Master Style", the one of the second row should be Default, not "Default".)  Could you help me to identify the name value  of my row?  Is it Mobile MyBB 1.8, or "Mobile MyBB 1.8"?



Having error loading page on login!

Mybb 18.19

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^Yeah, you can't login. It says "Are you sure you are using this functionality correctly?" Aside from that everything else works fine. I really need this plugin, would be awesome if someone could help.
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log in error

Authorization code mismatch. are you accessing this forum correctly? please go back and try again

Huh can anyone help?

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