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SEOd url maybe a problem for the ones under filter content... office proxy etc.
They are good but must be a option of each user.
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am sure it's not gonna be that way it'll option for admin he can turn it On/Off
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this SEO will slow my forum? because i have earned that make it.
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Back to topic...I also would love to see SEF urls done properly by Mybb. The structure for forums and thread display should have included titles. The current scheme isn't really the best available use of SEO.

Should have been:

Hyphens for the titles and underscores to break parameters. That would have ruled.
I totally agree with Labrocca.

BTW hyphens would be better than underscores, like WP.
Hypens are best for the words themselves but it's easier to do the underscores between the parameters.
(2009-03-22, 02:52 AM)rafaweb Wrote: this SEO will slow my forum? because i have earned that make it.
Yes, though probably not by much.

As for keywords in URLs, it's somewhat more of a hassle than it's worth really. Besides, plugins exist.
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The standard MyBB search engine friendly URLs do not slow down the forum. At least not on a measurable scale. .htaccess rewrites are being done by the webserver (which is reasonably fast), and Search Engine Friendly URL or not, either way MyBB has to build a string with IDs in it, and that has the same cost no matter what is actually in the string, i.e. building a "showthread.php?id=x" string is not any different in cost than building a "thread-x.html" string.

Plugins such as my Google SEO that use thread titles instead of IDs in the URL are more expensive, because the ID <-> Title translation has to be done somewhere, i.e. this uses SQL queries to look up IDs or Titles, so the database sees some additional load from this (although I'm trying to keep this load as low as possible). This is measurable, but only in high traffic forums (or hopelessly underpowered hosts).

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