Not Solved Security question at registration not working
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I am very new to the building and setting up a website, so sorry if I do not understand all of your advice!  Smile
I cannot get the security question at login to work. 

I have:
-Created my own security question and answer and have removed the 2+2 question.
-Set CAPTCHA images for registration and posting under General Configuration to No CAPTCHA (wasn't keeping spam out anyway)
-Registration method under Login and Registration Options is set to Administrator Activation (I'm getting tons of requests a day when I should only see 1 or 2... maybe)
-Display hidden captcha has been both turned on and off, no difference either way.

I have a dummy computer next to me that I keep registering new accounts with.  No matter how I change the options I am able to create a new account without being prompted for the security question.  Am I missing a checkmark somewhere?
MyBB Version 1.8.4
User: Pueblo

I have run searches on the forum and have google'd the problem as well.  I saw 1 with a similar error and solution revolving around expanding the template ... but I either didn't do it right or didn't understand what I was supposed to do.   This is the post:   I'm not sure I understand what to do after I get to the member_register_question_refresh......

Any help greatly appreciated!  Again, I'm still working on learning all of this and its lingo!  So bear with me if I'm not up to speed!  The owner of the website is constantly out of country and is often not where he can access the internet.. so my user ID was given AdminCP to help with the maintenance !!
Not Solved
if forum is running on MyBB 1.8.4 then the theme is not compatible with it.
so you have to install & use a compatible theme for MyBB 1.8.x

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