Forum Affiliate Manager for 1.8
I have forked and updated Asmile's Forum Affiliate Manager plugin to work in 1.8 and fixed some minor issues I/others did find.

GitHub repository:

I did test the plugin and couldn't find any issues this far. If you are interested in this plugin please debug the issues you find and file proper bug reports so that I can fix

The more detailed the reports are the faster I will probably fix them.
How can I put this in the footer instead of the header? Any help would be appreciated!
[Image: revad1.png]
You can place <!--AFFILIATES--> pretty much anywhere you please (remove it from header and place it in footer).

I installed this plugin on a blank forum to try it (, and the templates weren't populated and there are no settings in the Configuration screen. Has this happened to anyone else?

[Image: Affilliates-1_zpsyb1jpbhq.gif]

[Image: Affilliates-2_zps0yzaftfn.gif?hotlinkfix=1532030040173]
[Image: Affilliates-3_zpsghwbyixw.gif]
Wow this is very useful! Thank you sir!
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