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Solved: 5 Years, 3 Weeks ago To much text in email PM-notification
Solved: 5 Years, 3 Weeks ago
If members receive a email with a PM-notification almost the whole text of that PM is written in that email. So the receiver does'nt need to login on de board to read that PM. Is there a possibility to limit the lenght of the text of that PM in the email so they have to login to the forum to read the entire message?

Thanks in advance,

Solved: 5 Years, 3 Weeks ago
You can open inc/datahandlers/pm.php and change: to:
$pm['message'] = my_substr($parser->text_parse_message($pm['message'], $parser_options), 0, 50)."...
Read more by opening this message in your forum account's Inbox.";
or anything similar. Where 50 is the character limit.
Solved: 5 Years, 3 Weeks ago
Thanks again for your quick support; this isĀ  what I'm looking for Smile

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