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anti-spam measures "stopped" working
Hi guys,

for years I've been able to block spam registrations/spam bots by:

1. auto check registrations against the database
2. requiring a security question at sign-up
3. having a hidden profile field only bots can see and will deny registration when it's used
4. captcha

However, since a few weeks we get a lot of (unactivated) registrations from spambots (read: about 100 or less), mostly from Poland etc. I'm not sure why this suddenly happens, while the anti-spam measures have been good for the past 7 years or so. And I'm not entirely sure what I can do about it, besides all the things I've already running to block these kind of things.

Any other advice how to deal with this?

* Running 1.6.16
I'd try changing your security question lineup. The type of questions you're using might have been learned by now.
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