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[Duplicate] Notification system
I don't know if this has been suggested already, but over some research I found nothing regarding it.

I would like to see Notification System for MyBB 2.0
  • The notifications will be loaded through Ajax. The administrator should be able to specify interval.
  • The messages should also load over ajax, and administrator should be able to specify check interval.
  • The notifications should have settings, where the user can specify what he wants to be notified on.
  • The notifications should be notificated when quoting a post, when you follow a content and someone posted on it, when you received reputation from someone.. etc etc

Of course, hopefully easy for developers to work with so they can implant more stuff to it like when giving awards, it would give a notification.

This is a pretty big feature in my opinion, which would bring MyBB one big step from 1.8. I rather not install 3rd party over this, this should be toggle able to prevent whining from people who do not want it, if any.

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