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Norwegian Translations?
Norwegian Translations?

So basicly i want my forum to be translated to norewegian, but if there's no one out there, how do i make one myself? Undecided Confused
No answers? Really? Well... might aswell skip to myPHP instead then..

Send me a pm, you can get a copy of mine
(08-16-2015, 07:39 AM)BaggerHD Wrote: Send me a pm, you can get a copy of mine

Hi Bagger.

I see this thread is a couple years old, but hope you're still around.

Do you still offer that Norwegian MyBB translator? We haven't made a final choice yet, but are considering putting it up on our website. Do you require any form of compensation for it?


Kind Regards.
Lars Lindblad
Systems engineer @

You can find the norwegian language pack i made for free at

Since more than me still is using a norwegian mybb, I'll update it to 1.8.14 soon. But you can use the latest I have made in the meantime.
Have updated the language pack to fit the 1.8.14. You can find it in the extend dowload section

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