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Norwegian Translations?
Norwegian Translations?

So basicly i want my forum to be translated to norewegian, but if there's no one out there, how do i make one myself? Undecided Confused
No answers? Really? Well... might aswell skip to myPHP instead then..

Send me a pm, you can get a copy of mine
(08-16-2015, 07:39 AM)BaggerHD Wrote: Send me a pm, you can get a copy of mine

Hi Bagger.

I see this thread is a couple years old, but hope you're still around.

Do you still offer that Norwegian MyBB translator? We haven't made a final choice yet, but are considering putting it up on our website. Do you require any form of compensation for it?


Kind Regards.
Lars Lindblad
Systems engineer @

You can find the norwegian language pack i made for free at

Since more than me still is using a norwegian mybb, I'll update it to 1.8.14 soon. But you can use the latest I have made in the meantime.
Have updated the language pack to fit the 1.8.14. You can find it in the extend dowload section

How does the norwegian translations work?

Best Regards
Interested in the same, still havn't made the choice yet for our company homepage.

Best regards,
Working like this: Download the norwegian language pack, extract the zip. Inside the folder, there is a Read me txt, showing you where to upload the files. After upload, inside Admin panel, choose Norwegian as default language.

I have not translated the admin section, only the live site.

When mybb get an update, I normally update the language pack within a few days. Always use the latest version of the language pack.
If there is an update, the only ting you need to do is to download the new pack, extract and upload it to your server.
Hope this gives the needed info

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