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MyAlerts v2.0.4
That's weird. It seems that $post->data['tid']isn't set at this point:

I'm not sure how that's possible, I will need to troubleshoot.
Thankyou for the response, waiting for the update.

And i love your plugins Smile
Hello,have you had time to test this?
I'm afraid I haven't yet, but I'm hoping to get a chance to do so this weekend!

Having a problem. Getting a HTTP 500 error code. Tried looking in cPanel for errors but couldn't find any.

It only happesn when the plugin is activated. When I deactivate, the website will load fine.

edit: resolved here
Hey, how to change myalerts bg color? To make UNREAD alerts lighter color and READ alerts darker color in popup
Still waiting to try this amazing plugin !
(2019-05-24, 02:06 PM)l3n0x Wrote: Hello, I just noticed that I have no titles displayed in quoted posts. Can someone tell me how to fix it?
The other alerts work without problems. I use MyAlerts 2.0.3 with MyAlerts 2.0.4 I get no message in quoted posts that something was quoted.

Can anyone tell me what the problem is with the messages from quoted posts, or how to fix the error?
(2019-06-12, 07:18 PM)kbilly Wrote: Still waiting to try this amazing plugin !

I've already informed Euan via pm. I think he will find a way. In my opinion it is because of your other plugin which is in conflict with MyAlerts. Let's wait and see. Wink
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