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MyAlerts v2.0.4
Any solutions for the draft bug yet?

It would be nice, if we could fix this. It is ruining this great plugin in a sence.

Everything else is working fine.

(02-12-2020, 09:41 PM)skrilaxrev Wrote: I found another bug.

It seems if someone only saves a draft, all subscribed users get a notification about a new post!

But actually there is none, because it is still a draft.

Edit: Yes, one user is definitly getting notifications for my saving drafts. I can not reconstruct this bug with a testaccount.

(02-11-2019, 09:54 PM)NotAdmin Wrote: Euan T

I have a bug for you!  - originally I thought it was due to MentionMe, but I'm now certain it is your plugin - originally reported in the MentionMe Thread

Quote:I haven't tested yet, but I think a member has alerted me to a bug; I think it is due to a bug with MentionMe, but it is actually connected to the alerts (MyAlerts)

A member got a barrage of alerts to say he had been tagged; when he followed the link to the post, there was no post and no tag. He contacted the member, who noted that he had created a draft post (where the other member was tagged), and made a number of saves; he thinks that every time he saved the draft the member is getting an alert

Is this a known bug?

As it was a tag causing the phantom alerts, I thought the issue was with the MentionMe plugin, however today a member that was subscribed to a thread received multiple "XYZ has replied to your subscribed thread" alerts, again it was due to another member saving a number of drafts

So it seems that drafts are causing an alert to trigger, and as it triggers every time a save is made, it can be pretty annoying for other members!

Any further info required, just let me know Smile

Same for me. I am not using MentionMe.

Please fix this asap. I am willing to to pay you some extra.
Where should I upload table structure. SQL??

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