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[Rejected] Profile Comments
(2015-08-26, 10:14 AM)Will P Wrote:
(2015-08-26, 10:11 AM)Adriano Wrote: In the social media era people often do 'private' conversations publicly. That's probably the reason.

How is a 'public private conversation' different from a thread in a public forum?

Hmm... I think in a 'public private conversation' ( Rolleyes ) you write to a specific person and off-topic. You don't really have to follow any rules.
It works well for social networking sites but not for forums where main thing are discussions with the others.
This is how I see it.
New perceptions keep us inspired.
My feeling is that it's unnecessary and encourages less posting (technically).  If I wanted to wish someone happy birthday I would PM them or make a Happy Birthday thread.  If I didn't want to follow forum rules I would just PM them.  If I didn't want to spam or distract within a thread I would PM or start a new thread.

That being said,  I fully understand why it is liked and used.  It's sort of nifty and feels like social media.  However I feel this is like Facebook adding a posting forum function on the side.  I would rather see forum improvements to make things more social media friendly and keep people in forum threads or making them, perhaps from social media sources.

I'd rather have something like the ability to share material from social media easily, even make new threads with it.  Sort of like how I can find an article online and easily share it on facebook, google pages, or twitter.  Something like that for forums could actually spark more forum use in general.

My vote is make it a plug in.
I'd rather have the latest answers / threads on the profile / what he did (quoted, replied etc...activity stream?), instead of comments.
(2015-08-26, 01:46 PM)niere8 Wrote: I'd rather have the latest answers / threads on the profile / what he did (quoted, replied etc...activity stream?), instead of comments.

It sort of already does, just not quite so detailed and not quite so much of every activity.
"Find All Threads" and "Find All Posts" links on a user's profile searches all the sections for what that user has posted or the topics the user has created. As for what the user did, the status does this when the user is online by reporting the last page the user viewed and at what time. If a user is posting, it will say the user is posting and I think in what thread. If a user is creating a thread, it will simply say that the user is creating a thread.
In general I think, everything that CAN be done with a plugin should stay a plugin. There are so many things that cannot be realized as plugin. Why bother about possible improvements that are already easily implemented as plugins?

As a team we have unanimously (13 Reject, 1 Abstain) voted to reject Profile Comments as a core feature for MyBB 2.0. This does not prevent the feature from being implemented as a plugin, but it will not be a core feature.

We hope that users will understand that the core team has to choose where to focus their efforts, and in this case we feel that profile comments do not add enough significantly different functionality to be worth the development time.

The MyBB Group

Your MyBB 2.0 suggestion has unfortunately been rejected. Your suggestion does not fit with the direction that MyBB is heading in as a project at this time.
how to provide number of comment ?

{$lang->profilecomments_show_statistics_info} show {1} Comments only not Comment Count Sad

I want to provide 1 Comments, Comments in Comment form.

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