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Need Help Banning A User FOR GOOD.
Are you on a shared server or a dedicated server? There are different security precautions you can follow for each but here are just a few things I'd recommend you learn how to do to prevent ban evasion.

- Deny Tor connections to your forum
- Deny proxy connections to your forum
- Deny major VPN connections to your forum

If you can figure out how to prevent proxy / VPN connections then you're probably going to be OK and this guy isn't going to be around for a while. Chances are he's just a kid that knows how to use a VPN but if you limit that resource then he's going to be a fish out of water.

There are a few scripts you can download off Google that will help you out. If you can't find any shoot me a PM and I'll see what else I can do to help you out.

Google "Deny proxy access to website" or something along those lines. Hope you can resolve this issue!

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