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Not Solved [How To?] "Remove" Email Field from Registration Page
Not Solved
Hi Team,

I work with an organization and Outside Emails are strictly prohibited. I need to Remove Email field from MYBB Registration page permanently. Please help.?

Note that Activation or Password Reset is not an issue. That will be done by the Administrator himself.  Sad
Not Solved
replies here might help.
plugin provided there was coded for an earlier version of MyBB. it may be tried by changing compatibility.
Not Solved
Hi Sir,

I've already tried the entire thing. Rest assured i've seen all posts on the internet and then I came here.

Nothing has worked soo far. I tried changing the compatibility of that plugin and activating it but it dosent work.
I removed the fields and tried, still getting errors.

kindly help with core. hope won't get disappointed.

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