Email admin notification of user awaiting activation
Hi there,

Firstly, thank you for this excellent forum software.
If we get any income from our project we will be sure to donate.

I've looked in the settings and searched for a mod which emails the admin with notifications of new users awaiting activation.

I've found a couple for 1.6 but am unsure if they will be compatible or how to make them compatible, if possible.

The software already emails a user upon activation, and I'm sure there's reasons why not, but I'd have thought this would be a fairly basic setting in the already comprehensive list of settings, perhaps under 'Login and Registration Options'.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
are you looking for this:
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Did you know? Your question has already been answered. But you haven't searched it yet.
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wow thanks for the super prompt reply and solution.

i honestly did look but obviously not hard enough

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