Not Solved phpbb3 3.1.4 db connection problem
Not Solved
i've got an issue here and i dont know why.
there is noway i can connect to my db from the merge system.
mybb and merge system are at their latest releases (today i downloaded both of them) and i am running phpbb3 3.1.4
i am connecting with no issues from my phpmyadmin, i also created an new db and imported the backup of my live sql, but there is noway i can connect there (happens in both DBs) with the merge system.
here is what i enter to the settings:
Database Server Hostname: localhost
Database Username: kxm_lal1 (the name of the db i want to be coverted)
Database Password: the pass of the kxm_lal1 db
Database Name: kxm_lal1 (yes its the same as the db name)
Table Prefix: phpbb_

edit: this is the message i am getting: "The phpBB 3 database could not be found in 'kxm_lal1'. Please ensure phpBB 3 exists at this database and with this table prefix."
the table prefix is the correct one.

can someone please help me with this issue?
thank you in advance.
Not Solved
Sorry, forgot to reply here.

Can you check whether a table "phpbb_user_group" exists in your "kxm_lal1" database?
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