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I have two accounts at BlueHost, one for my own personal website ( and one for a forum ( Since these are plus accounts, I decided that I'd move the CSS forum into a subdomain on my aljones site and save myself $150 a year.

Should be fairly straight forward:
  • FTP the files for the forum from one domain to the other - no problems.
  • Download the database from CSS (shorthand for and then upload it Aljones ... minor problems but eventually did a command line download & upload
  • Modify 'config.php' to reflect the new database name ( 'fontinfo_mybbcss') see 1
  • Modify 'inc/setting.php' temporarily until the move is working right. see 2

The only <??> problem that I have at the moment is that no one can log in ( ).  I've tried all three of my logins and also tried an email address login, they all fail.  Oddly, my asst admin can login but is immediately logged back out with no error.
I'm confused, have a headache and am stopping for the night.  I'd provide a temporary login if I could.

Any suggestions would be appreciated and any questions will be answered tomorrow. / are both subdomains under which has no content of its own; will be a subdomain (addon domain).


1: config.php looks like:
$config['database']['type'] = 'mysqli';
$config['database']['database'] = 'fontinfo_mybbcss';
$config['database']['table_prefix'] = 'mybb_';

$config['database']['hostname'] = 'localhost';
$config['database']['username'] = 'fontinfo_admin';
$config['database']['password'] = '*********';

2: setting.php
these are both temporary and will be reset to "" when this works.
line 68: $settings['bburl'] = "";
line 151: $settings['homeurl'] = "";
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Typically this is a cookie issue. You'll want to look at your cookie settings in inc/settings.php to make sure they are pointing to the correct domain.
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Okay, changed inc/setting to reflect
line 86: $settings['cookiedomain'] = "";

I attempted to login and it threw a captcha at me and refused the login.

I requested a password reset and was sent a new password; attempting to log in with that email / password resulted in another captcha and failure.

Next ...
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Did you change your cookie settings?

AdminCP -> Configuration -> Site Details

Cookiedomain: .your_domain (note the point before the domain name)

Cookie Path: / (forum is in root of your domain)
Cookie Path: /Forum_folder (forum is in folder "Forum_folder")
Regards, Ad Bakker (NL)
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Ad, one of us isn't awake or you know some secrets I don't (and that's a given). If I can't log in, how do I get to the AdminCP??

That's why I've been making the changes in inc/settings.php.
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(2015-06-17, 01:47 PM)Al Jones Wrote: Ad, one of us isn't awake or you know some secrets I don't (and that's a given).  If I can't log in, how do I get to the AdminCP??

That's why I've been making the changes in inc/settings.php.

Believe me, it can!! I have a bit of experience in this kind of matters. Note rhe dot/point before the domain name.
Regards, Ad Bakker (NL)
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exactly which URL you want to use for the forum ? cookie settings should suit that forum URL
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Ad, you may know a lot, but your ability to communicate in terms that are useful to others leaves a lot to be desired.  Telling me to go to the AdminCP in the message immediately after I said I could not log in is not useful.  If you can tell me how to log in that would be useful.

.m.  Thanks much for the reference.  At the moment, the only way I can make changes is through files (inc/setting.php apparently is the (only??) controlling file?)  Looking at the notes in the reference I changed the cookie related settings to
$settings['cookiedomain'] = "";
$settings['cookiepath'] = "/chronicsuicidesupport/forum/";
$settings['cookieprefix'] = "";

These agree with the setting returned from
At that point attempting to go to the forum gives me:
[Image: Capture.PNG]
Not sure why the image isn't being put in place, you can find it at
which really doesn't seem to be an improvement.

Can someone tell me what I'm screwing up and how to fix it, please?
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^ would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & files (FTP) to check it
you can give your own login credentials & change them later
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.m. done, thank you sir.  
The FTP is temporary and the forum login is what I've been using.
With the exception of the changes I've noted here, this is a copy - files and database - of the forum that is running at
Enjoy ...

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