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2.0 Section Moderation
Feature Suggestion/Enhancement: Section Moderation

Allows Administrators or equivalent ranks to designate certain sections of the forum to be Thread/Post moderated.

Expected functionality
When creating a section on the forum it give you the ability to set it to become a moderated section. You can also whitelist certain User Groups to ignore the forced moderation.

Any additional notes
Some background/reasons I find this to be useful is because in some sections of my forums I allow everyone to post but we have to watch the threads and ensure that users aren't posting off topic. This would be useful for Community Announcements that require users to "check-in" so to speak or post ideas in the thread.

I did a search for anything like this and couldn't find squat. So forgive me if this is a duplicate suggestion.
This is already a core feature in 1.8. I see no reason it would disappear in 2.0.
(2015-06-22, 11:04 PM)dragonexpert Wrote: This is already a core feature in 1.8.  I see no reason it would disappear in 2.0.

Do you have any docs that show how to do it? I've looked through the permissions and have never seen it.
ACP->Forums& Posts->Click Forum You want. You actually have to click Edit Permissions or Set Permissions depending on if you have custom permissions set for that forum. There is a tab that says moderation in that menu.
Alright then, my idea would still work because instead of having to go through each user group and set them to moderated you could just assign the entire forum to be moderated and then select groups which will not be affected by the moderation, similar to choosing additional groups for users.

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