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1.8 Show latin1 as latin 1 and not as cp1252
The mysql database classes contain an array of supported database encodings which is used by the installer and the merge system to generate the select boxes. However "latin1" is displayed as "cp1252" (which is used by MySQL internally and is nearly the same). While it's technically correct it confuses some people. Probably not in MyBB itself as nearly everyone (should) use "utf-8" anyways but especially in the merge system as phpMyAdmin and most other softwares show "latin1" as encoding and the users are not able to find that in the select box. "Latin 1" is the wider known name for the encoding and therefore we should show that imho.
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I agree with this.
I don't see why not.
Definitely should show latin1 instead as that's the way most recognisable.
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