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Hi, so I'm having a problem on my forums where the text colour turns grey on a black background and I have no idea how to fix it.

Im currently using the Revolution theme made by iAndrew (My forums as reference: and its a dark theme but the text for threads is also dark. This problem doesnt seem to happen when you use the quick reply box but only when you use the full reply option with all the buttons at the top of the reply box or when you create threads. I'd like the text to be white, but I've no idea what to do.

[Image: gwOmNRm.jpg]
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Hi! Looks like this is not problem in css, take a look at postbit templates. 

Template Sets » Your Default Templates » Post Bit Templates » postbit

try to find color code #333 

I'm just a beginner,  So take advice from someone knows coding well. Blush
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There is nothing wrong. The author used custom color when making a thread.

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