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2.0 Advanced CSS Editor by Default Option in ACP
Feature Suggestion/Enhancement: Advanced CSS Editor by Default Option in ACP

A setting in the preferences section of the ACP that would allow you to decide if you want the default theme editor to be in simple or advanced mode. 

Expected functionality

An option that would allow site administrators to choose whether they want to edit their stylesheets in simple or advanced mode by default. Potentially this could be made an option for each individual administrator, or can be added as a global option like the ACP theme is.

Any additional notes
This might not be relevant depending on how theme editing is going to be set up in 2.0, but if we're still keeping a simple and advanced mode, we should have the option to determine which one we use. I don't know anybody who actually uses the simple option, so being able to bypass that extra click every time you want to edit the stylesheets would be really helpful.
I agree. This would be helpful. It is anoying to click the simple mode away.

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