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[For 1.6 & 1.8] Ratio System
Hello everyone Big Grin

The plugin is fully tested on MyBB 1.6 and 1.8.

Screenshots :
[Image: 87Dh1U9.png]
[Image: LPjUWgm.png]
[Image: W4an0w6.png]

Explanations :
The ratio is a number returned by the devision "Threads / Posts". The administrator sets a minimum ratio amount and if the member has a ratio less than this amount, he can't reply to threads and he will be redirected to another page which informs him that.
Such plugin is a good solution to reduce leech on forums and maybe useful for other stuffs, especially when the forum runs the hide until reply plugin.

Notes :
Fore more forum management & performance :
- The administrator can set forums where the members can reply freely (for example : suggestions section, or help section).
- He can set an infinite ratio to some usergroups (Useful for paid groups for example).
- Ratio won't be affected by replying to own thread, so members can reply to questions on their threads...etc

Debug :
You may get a small problem if you're using a custom theme which have different "member_profile" template. So if you want to add the ratio somewhere in your "member_profile" template, just write {$ratio} to show the current ratio of the member in his profile.

Languages :
French & English (already included in the plugin files)

Mods site:

Support :

Best Regards,
[Image: Prez.png]
This seems to have been approved on the mods site. Added the link to the 1st post. Sorry for latency.
Hello everyone !
I hope people will still use this plugin. It'll be updated very soon also.

Best Regards,
D&D Manager
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