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Hello, I recently read at this forum post that the following code can be used to allow custom variables in postbit_author_user
function add_to_postbit(&$post)
    $post['user_details'] = str_replace('<!-- test -->', 'Testing 1,2,3', $post['user_details']);

I am having trouble using custom variables in that specific template as well. Where would I add this code to fix the problem? I already have the plugin that allows PHP in templates, it's just that when I try to do all of my custom variables and mysql queries and such inside the postbit, it gives me errors regarding "eval" and the page goes blank. The code I am using works in all templates other than postbit templates. So I am assuming that the above code can be used to fix it. Can anybody help me and tell me how I can go about fixing this?
Without seeing your code I can't tell anything. And the code I provided is supposed to be used in a plugin, not templates.

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