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2.0 Mass permission adjustments
Feature Suggestion/Enhancement: Mass permissions per group

This feature would allow admins to quickly and easily make multiple changes to one usergroup's permissions without having to go into each forum and edit them there.

Expected functionality

Ideally this would be an option under the "Users & Groups" heading then the "Groups" section of the sidebar. Since right now in 1.6 and 1.8 clicking "Groups" gives a list of the groups on the forum. From here the option to edit group permissions or clear set permissions (with a confirmation warning) would be added under the "Options" beside each group (in the drop down menu that appears when clicked).

After edit is selected the system would then list all the forums (according to their display order) and then beside them each permission (ex- start topic, delete topic, edit topic, etc...) would be a checkbox.
Ideally it would look similar to this. (Though it may be necessary to use multiple tabs to keep things less cluttered since MyBB has more than 4 permissions. So if tabs are needed it'd have one for: viewing, editing/rating, moderating and misc. Misc would include polls and searching plus whatever other options added for 2.0.)

This way that admin could easily set multiple forums permissions in a hurry. It could also be used to check at a glance what permissions a usergroup had for several forums.
(It would also be nice so that users could check at a glance what the default inheritances were. So this way they could create a category and click here and it'd show the category's permissions too.)

Any additional notes

Nothing further I can think of.
My MyBB 2.0 suggestions - Mass edit group permissions - Post based Anti-spam
I would appreciate this feature.
Same here, I think a lot of people would really appreciate something like this. It'd make setting up and checking permissions so much easier.
My MyBB 2.0 suggestions - Mass edit group permissions - Post based Anti-spam
this would be nice and save A LOT of time.
I agree. I also think it'd take some headaches out for new users to the forum software (since using the existing permission system might be a bit daunting or confusing for them).
My MyBB 2.0 suggestions - Mass edit group permissions - Post based Anti-spam
This needs to happen in 2.0. In my opinion, the per-forum permission system is one of the weakest aspects of MyBB (and one of the few areas PHPBB outclasses MyBB). It's so slow and tedious to use, and it could be so much better. You've demonstrated quite nicely how it could be more flexible, and faster to use.
This would be an amazing functionality because this would save so much time that could be spent doing other things on your forum. I know when setting up forums, it sometimes takes over an hour or more just to set up the forums sections and the permissions. Being able to just make the forums themselves and not having to worry about the permissions until you move to the groups would be a huge time saver, because I know I can speak for many when I say I hate dragging box upon box just for one permission set for one section.
I know there are times when I'd just like to be able to set all the permissions at once. No worrying about whether to copy from another group (which might take even longer to fix or give permissions that maybe I don't want to grant but don't realise it right away) or having to go back and set permissions for each forum afterwards.
My MyBB 2.0 suggestions - Mass edit group permissions - Post based Anti-spam
Totally agreed here - the current per-forum permissions editing sucks, and I envision the permissions editing to be one place broken down in to columns of groups (Roles in 2.0 terms), and across the left side a section for Global Permissions (not totally sure yet whether we want those to be just defaults or contain "miscellaneous" permissions as well), and a section for each forum. Each "cell" of Role vs Permission will have something like a slider (perhaps Justin or Eric can advise on how to make it not look ugly - my imagination says something like the normal on/off slider but with a middle "No" permission, so perhaps input type=range with range of -1 to 1 and styled nicely).

At each permission "group" per se (i.e. permissions for one forum), the table header should be duplicated with the groups again just for ease of use.

In the end, a gigantic matrix gets sent for the code I'm working on to process. Big Grin
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I'm not sure if that sounds better or worse... I'm not clear on what you mean.

I'd just like the option for fine grained controls where I can tick a box to pick exactly which permissions are set for one role/group while also having the option to set multiple forums at once. (This would serve also as a way to quickly check and see what permissions each group has. So if I wanted to see if say a mod group had posting rights in both the staff section and general forum I could view all permissions at once instead of having to open both the staff and then general sections.)
My MyBB 2.0 suggestions - Mass edit group permissions - Post based Anti-spam

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