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Not Solved avatar edit/ affiliates
Not Solved
i am trying to edit these two things
  • male/female avatar
  • Affiliates

PHP Code:

i repalced this code
"avatar" => $db->escape_string($user['avatar']),
"avatartype" => $db->escape_string($user['avatartype']),

to this
            "avatar" => 'images/avatar_'.strtolower($user['profile_fields']['fid3']).'.png',
            "avatardimensions" => '100|100',
            "avatartype" => 'gallery', 

then i ran this query
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `avatar` = './images/avatar.png' WHERE `avatar` = '' 

also uploaded to files avatar_male.png and avatar_female.png

but now i cant see any image to my profile, i want to add male female profile pic to everywhere like UCP , profile etc.

now second problem,

i want an affiliate system for referall registeration by which if user registered by any referall  then he will earn some amount of money..   if there is any plugin for that then please tel me

bump...... please reply.....
Not Solved
i think no one wants to reply because of my username Sad
Not Solved
We are used to nonsense names, and not really sensitve for that.

I think it is more because of the question which is not really clear.

You want to run the query from phpMyAdmin? Then you have to repeat this every time when new members have subscribed. Perhaps better to do that as a plugin.

The query as it is now is not correct, because it cannot ditinguish between male and female, as this information is stored in another table.
Regards, Ad Bakker (NL)
Not Solved
If you want an affiliates plugin making then please post in plugin requests with your budget.
Random Fish and Sims Maniac
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