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2.0 Release MyBB as technical preview
I know you want to make it perfect before releasing it, but why don't you usually release MyBB like Microsoft does with Windows 10. Weekly or monthly "testing build" will be awesome, our community can quickly test then quickly feedback.
By the way, let our community help you design default theme will ease burden Wink

my bad English Big Grin

MyBB releases have always had Beta released before going Gold. With 2.0, we plan to release several Alpha and Beta releases, then at least 1 Release Candidate before the gold release.
Also note that with the first alpha we'll likely make the repositories public so there isn't a need for builds.
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(2015-07-03, 02:00 PM)AlexViean Wrote: I know you want to make it perfect

It's not that we are aiming for perfection being making anything public. We need to build a solid foundation before we can think about releasing an Alpha. As Euan said, there will be numerous alphas and betas and RCs that we will be encouraging the community to play around with and suggest improves and find bugs.
I don't want to sound harsh but believe me, the same userbase of mybb that are agitating for earlier released will go at the back and start slating developers for releasing a 'half baked piece of crap'. It may sound odd but the only thing more fun in making heroes is making villains.
Guys, there's still a lot left to be done with 2.0 before you guys will *really* want to use it. It's still pretty simplistic compared to what an Alpha/Beta will have in features.

It's not being held back for perfectionism. It's being held back right now because it's not ready for the public yet. When it's ready for the public to enjoy and give feedback on, we'll release its Alphas/Betas.
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Can you atleast tease me with a screenshot Toungue
@1nstan7: has blog posts with screenshots.
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