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[For 1.8] Mybb Ncode Image Resizer
Hi EmreKarakaya,

This is a great plugin! I have a couple of questions for you though:

* There's a folder called "ncode" in the zip file I downloaded from the MyBB mods site, do you know where I should put this on my site?

* I got the plugin successfully loaded on my site, and I configured it to automatically resize anything larger than 800 x 600, and have the user click on the image so they can see the full size image. That's looking good, but when I go to click on the image, nothing happens. Do you know what I could be doing wrong? I don't have any ad blockers running, and I'm not getting any prompts to allow pop-ups from my Web browser.

Thank you! Smile

Hi DoubleOZero
  • You will move the Ncode folder to public_html or www.
  • The problem will be corrected after you have placed the Ncode folder in the correct place.

Have a nice day Smile

Version 1.2 Updated. Change Log;
too bad is use java script ...Does exist a way to use This plugin without java ?

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