[Rejected] Smilie Bug with Apple IOS devices
Quote:Do you remember me asking you once why the heart in a signature was now an angry face? I use Apple devices. At times they show the emoticons all wrong. I don't know what causes this, but when it happens, I have to shutdown and start back. Some times this resolves the problem, some time not. Some times it just seems to resolve itself. Anyway, it may be some compatibility issue with Apple iOS or something.

The above quote was written by one of my forum members. Several members have reported this issue with Apple devices ever since the forum was updated to 1.8 last fall, as in the example above where the heart emoticon was replaced with the angry face emoticon. This lends to trouble and misunderstandings.

Has anyone else reported this bug or experienced this?

EDIT: The above was posted from an iOS device, just to test it. I've not noticed this before, but I rarely use the smiley inserter. Are the users clicking the smiley images, or writing them manually?
I don't have any IOS devices so I haven't experienced it myself.

member1 Wrote:Just in case you need to know, the hearts I posted to member2 last night showed up as angry faces. I do not use Apple products so it isn't originating on Apple, but member2 may be viewing it on an Apple device.

member2 Wrote:I usually use my iPhone to view this site. Hope that helps solve the mystery!

So it seems to occur on the viewer's Apple device, not on the posting member's device. member2 above experienced this bug in several members' posts in the same thread.

I'm guessing in general the posting members on my site would be using the smiley inserter.
provide test thread url so that someone with an IOS device (not me) can check it
Edit: also provide a test user account

Thread open to the public. No account needed.

It does seem to be an intermittent problem though according to the quoted post in my post #1 in this thread. She could sometimes resolve it by "shutting down and starting back".
I've added two attachments to this post. The first one shows the smilie inserter as it should look, the second one shows the smilie inserter as it looked the other day to an iPhone user.

This iPhone user also went back to the thread I published the link to in my post above where the heart smilies had showed up as angry faces to her, the hearts now showed up as the dodgy smilie.

Hm, strange. Could you send me details for a user account and I will debug tonight for you.
The editor icons are messed up on the screen too... Nothing we can do here I'm sure, it's most likely a problem with her phone configuration.
Several posters have encountered this problem, but it does seem like updating to the latest IOS software update solves it. We're hopeful that is the solution.

Thanks, guys!

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