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I'm seriously considering converting my IPB 3.4.x forum to MyBB. I've grown up on open source for a number of years and honestly I see fewer and fewer reasons to pay for forum software. 

I'd like to know if any major hiccups can be expected in converting from IPB to MyBB. My main concerns are the integrity of the posts (burned once there before on a conversion) as well as little things like password resets, etc?

Thanks in advance for any experience or knowledge on this. Smile

For the record, it's a forum with about 250k posts and 6.5k members.
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There aren't any major issues with the merge system that we're aware of. Some smaller ones depend on your IPB configuration and whether you've upgraded in the past (especially from IPB 2). Note that avatars aren't merged in 1.8.5, you need to use our development version if you want that.
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Thank you kindly. I noted the avatar issue in another thread, so thanks for clarifying that. I'm still working through the options to try and choose the best path, but it's nice having an official merge system with active development. That's reassuring! Smile

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