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Not Solved Can you Use JPlayer with Mybb 1.8
Not Solved
I am opening an ebook site, and am coping it all by hand from my existing site. I want to get off that software for reasons I cannot mention that I discovered after running the site for months.

I think it will be fine on my favorite software, Mybb... but I need a way for users to play audio books online. I have playlists built like crazy, that took hours..and would love to use them again when I move this board to the the .com address. Can I install JPlayer on Mybb 1.85?

Thank you so much

* Update.. I will look into something I just want it presentable as it is on my ditched site:

The mybb site is currently at:
and is in the baby stages of development, but the need as to whether or not I can do it is the issue LOL.. they have one for jquery

I have found a solution that will work for now.. audomedia v 3.0.3 with a few tries filled my needs ... I will have to play with it when I finish copying the forum.. big relief though Shy


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