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Not Solved how can i see all unactivated members in list
Not Solved
good evening everyone
I have tired to activate a unactivated member single by single
I want to see all unactivated member in togather . Mybb 1.8.5.
I tried this method but failed
#How to view all users awaiting activation / unactivated in MyBB ACP
Users & Groups > Views > Manage Views > Create New View
Title: Unactivated Users
Default View: No
Sort results by: Registration Date, Descending
Results per page: 50
Display results as: Table
Fields to Show: *Your choice*
Is member of one or more of these user groups: Awaiting Activation
Save View#

no answer very bad
Not Solved
it should work. what does it display ?
Not Solved
sir this msg is coming
[Image: Screenshot0459.jpg]
Not Solved
As the error clearly implies, you need to select at least one field to display on that view (by dragging it to the proper side and dropping it there).
Not Solved
if i understand correctly you want to activate all awaiting activation users at once .
Very simple Goto ACP >>> Home Tab >>> On Right Side You See x Awaiting Activation .
X is the total amount of the users whose need activation .
Click on it and you will see all users who need activation . Select all users and activate them .
Not Solved
actually that field selection might not work on some mobile devices ..

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