Admin CP problem, trouble logging into features
An admin that was assisting me on our forums left in a fit of rage today. I don't know what he exactly did, but now I can only log into the MyBB dashboard. All the tabs on the top bar are missing, and all the tabs on the left column are locked(no permission). Before, I had full permissions and saw everything.

What would I check to regain the permission to see the rest of my admin panel? Apologies if this is a simple fix. I'm sort of new to this thing. Thanks all.
exactly which version of MyBB you are using ? can we have your forum url ..
do you have access to files & the database manager (eg. phpMyAdmin)
Change your browser Smile
I've been into this situation when using a regional modden version of Chrome, but it work well in Opera and my phone Smile
Be sure to check your /inc/config.php file for $config['super_admins'] and make sure your uid is listed.

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