[DONE!]Restricted signature image size and restricted amount of images
(2015-08-05, 07:57 AM)Ad Bakker Wrote:
(2015-08-05, 03:37 AM)Non anonymous Wrote: I just get links to imgur surrounded in the [image] code, but when I go to the Admin Cp and edit users signature it turns into pictures

I see something strange there too, I will have a look.

It took some time, because I discovered that my test forum on which I test new plugins was somewhat out of balance. I cleaned it but when I tried to make a complete fresh install I encountered some problems with authorities.

At the end I still have a clean working install. What the problem with me was that the setting:

AdminCP (Settings) -> Profile Options -> Allow [img] Code in Signatures

was not good, it stood on No, and should of course be Yes.

Now I have images in the signatures again!!!

I also corrected the text errors, and replaced the attachment in post #17. The plugin file and the admin language file have been changed.

I dont see Allow [img] Code in Signatures http://gyazo.com/70382b87892c1b202c6801bd3fc20916

I see this below the signature edit area http://gyazo.com/7b502cd88e02e3a57782edc10797d9fd
(2015-08-05, 09:41 PM)Non anonymous Wrote: I dont see Allow [img] Code in Signatures http://gyazo.com/70382b87892c1b202c6801bd3fc20916

I think I know what went wrong, this is caused by the 1st version that made a mistake with uninstalling the plugin.

I will make a repair SQL query for this. This will come in the course of the day.

OK, I'm now sure what the cause is. In the 1st version during uninstall of the plugin I deleted additional settings in the database, and by a sloppy mistake alse the setting "sigimgcode" was deleted. This is the setting which sets whether images in signatures are allowed.
When this is happened with you, this is easy to see in AdminCP -> Configuration (Settings) -> Profile Options.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=34791]

When the line indicated with "missing" is missing indeed, this has happened in your installation. This can easily be repaired by running the following MySQL query to be run in phpMyAdmin:

INSERT INTO mybb_settings(name, title, description, optionscode, value, disporder, gid, isdefault) VALUES ("sigimgcode","Allow [img] Code in Signatures","Do you want to allow [img] code to be used in users' signatures?","yesno","1","5","10","1")

Where it is assumed that the database table prefix is mybb_. If you have a different prefix, correct this.
I am sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. This will not happen again.

My motto is therefore: "Learning all the time"  (and you are never too old for that).

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Regards, Ad Bakker (NL)
Thanks for everything! When MYBB 2.0 comes out I hope you can update it to work with that.

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